22 Best Business Start-up Ideas for 2020

Are you ready to live your BEST LIFE? Let me help you by gifting you a List of the 22 Best Business Ideas for 2020 that have virtually no start-up costs! The Confident Boss is for women who are looking to achieve their entrepreneurial dream through the guidance of, Alexandra Nicole, a consultant who not only has professional training and experience, but provides resources and developmental challenges in a transparent and motivating fashion.


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" I looked at Alexandra’s course as the very first investment I could make towards my future in becoming an entrepreneur. Coming from an industry outside of retail, I did not even know where to begin on making my dream a reality. Alexandra’s courses took me step by step in such detail that it has given me the confidence to launch my own boutique. I love her willingness to share all that she has learned and she is easily accessible when I have had questions. After taking her retail course, I feel so much more prepared and knowledgeable and know that I can and will be successful. Thank you Alexandra!"

- Brittany Montgomery, Ella Shea Boutique

" Alexandra is sincerely THE BEST person to work with and I am so incredibly grateful for her!I cannot imagine having anyone else teach me the ropes of the fashion industry or hold my hand during the branding process. She is incredibly responsive and always on top of everything. Proactive is an understatement. This woman knows what she’s doing and I am in constant awe of her knowledge and lady boss-ness!"

- Joelle Elliot, Co-Founder, Belle Cheval Designs

"When I saw that Alexandra was offering an online retail course, I was super intrigued. As a new stay at home mom exploring business ventures, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Learning from someone with so much knowledge and experience within the retail industry is an exciting opportunity. This course is fantastic and contains everything you need to know about opening a retail boutique. The lectures are engaging, well made and portioned appropriately. I love that you can go at your own pace. Alexandra does a phenomenal job teaching the course, and brings enthusiasm to every lecture. She communicates information exceptionally clearly and efficiently, adds excitement, and uses relevant examples to make connections between course material and the real retail world. I feel I have a solid foundation for starting the process of opening a retail space."

- Lauren Price, Entreprenur

"Although Alexandra and I have personally become close friends over the years, little did I know to what level of business this woman was capable of. We hired Alexandra to consult with us on the relaunch of our multi-faceted apparel business earlier this year, and have been blown away from the growth we’ve experienced! Not only the ROI, but the amount of relevant information Alexandra has taught us from her experience + knowledge in business development, website coding, retail knowledge and marketing intelligence… my partner and I couldn’t be more appreciative. Investing in Alexandra to take your brand or business to the next level of operations should be a requirement."

- Lauren D, Co-Founder, Beg and Borrow Apparel